drive (plural drives)

  1. A trip made in a motor vehicle
    It was a long drive.
  2. A driveway
    The mansion had a long, tree-lined drive.
  3. A mechanism for producing or directing force
    Some old model trains have a clockwork drive.
  4. (Computers) A mechanical mass-storage device; as, a disk drive, a DVD drive
  5. (Golf) A stroke made with a driver
  6. (Baseball) A ball struck in a flat trajectory (also called line drive)
  7. A type of public roadway.
    Beverly Hills’ most famous street is Rodeo drive.
  8. (psychology) Desire or interest.
  9. (cricket) A type of shot played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc, through the line of the ball, and hitting it along the ground, normally between cover and midwicket.

5 letters in word "drive": D E I R V.

Anagrams of drive:

Words found within drive:

de dei derv dev di die dire div dive ed er id ide ire ired re red rei rev rid ride rive vid vide vie vied vier vire

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